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Prior to 1990, the dangers of asbestos were unknown and this dangerous substance was used in a variety of domestic building materials. If your house was built before this time, it’s likely that there is asbestos on your property that could be seriously damaging to your health and that of your loved ones. Asbestos disposal should be done only by professionals to prevent any harm to your family or neighbours and the waste disposed of properly.

At Total Asbestos Services, we offer a comprehensive asbestos survey, removal and disposal service. Our qualified and friendly technicians can pinpoint harmful asbestos around your home and organise its removal at your convenience.

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  • Insulation
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Vinyl
  • Floor and roof tiles
  • Corrugated fencing
  • External cladding
  • Kitchen surfaces
  • Electrical switchboards

To name a few!

Are you thinking of renovating your property? Concerned that you may encounter asbestos? We can help!  We can perform an asbestos house inspection, our team can take samples and test materials for all types of asbestos, thereby reducing the risk of exposure for you and your workmen.

…asbestos could be almost anywhere in your home, have the experts find out if your family is at risk!

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We take the utmost care in all that we do and once we have completed the removal successfully, we will issue an asbestos clearance report for your home.

Ensure your peace of mind and contact Total Asbestos Services today!